[VERIFIED] – Only $84.15 to own STOIK MorphMan

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[VERIFIED] – Only $84.15 to own STOIK MorphMan

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[VERIFIED] - Only $84.15 to own STOIK MorphMan 1

About STOIK MorphMan

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STOIK MorphMan is the most powerful morphing application for PC. It supports layers which allow for creation of sophisticated morphing effects and easier integration with video compositing tools. Use full power of fast morphing algorithms, onion skin interface, live preview, vector shape tools, edge detection, and motion estimation for creation of hi-end photo-to-photo and video-to-video morphing.
Simple morphing between photos made in STOIK MorphMan
Morphing movie to movie
STOIK MorphMan greatly facilitates creation of amazing morphing transition between video clips by introducing Propagate function. Propagate uses motion estimation algorithm to automatically place transition markers on intermediate frames of video morphing project. Professional task of motion morphing is made easier by Animated Tutorials when MorphMan shows you all “how-to’s” in automatic mode.
Morphing picture to picture
STOIK MorphMan offers powerful yet easy-to use tools to morph pictures using the most advanced and optimized algorithms.
Morphing project creation and editing

Layered morphing – Separate regions may have individual rate of transformation. – Separate regions may be morphed with individual distortion and transparency rates. – Separate regions of picture may transform without affecting other parts of image. – Parts of the image can be hidden or visible in different stages of morphing sequence.
Vector drawing tools for fast, easy, and precise positioning of control points and lines (markers).
Primitives and shapes for setting control markers.
Editing of shapes.
Grouping and ungrouping of markers.
Transformation tools for groups of control markers.
Vector editing tools for mask.
Multiple fast morphing algorithms.
Import control markers data from ASCII files.
Edge detection tools: Smart Polygon and Snap to Edges.

Video-to-video morphing features

Import movie clips as Source and Target for morphing project.
Sequence Browser to scroll sequence of morphs between corresponding frames of input clips.
Tune source and target clips to choose interval for morphing.
Set key markers and key frames for manual adjustment of morphing transition in intermediate frames of the sequence.
Propagate function which uses motion estimation algorithm to automatically place markers around moving objects.
Canvas layer – video or still background layer which allows simple video compositing directly in STOIK MorphMan.

Video editing

Complete video editing and video capture functionality provided by bundled STOIK VideoMan and STOIK Capturer. Multiple video and audio tracks, overlays, text, transitions, dynamic effects, motions paths, and more.


Import frames and clips from AVI, MPEG, QuickTime, DV movies, picture sequences, capture video.
Import frames from TWAIN devices.
Render to AVI, MPEG, QuickTime, DV movies, picture sequences.
Render to animated GIF and to Flash animation.
Rendering multiple projects in separate threads.
Batch rendering of multiple projects, sequential morphing.
Render movies over 2Gb in size.
Unlimited number of frames in output movie or sequence.
Printing of output frames.
Text (XML) format of morphing project which enables easy way of integration with other applications through import-export of markers coordinates.


Dual window (Source and Target) or Onion Skin interface modes.
Real-time real-mode preview of any frame of the sequence.
Unlimited Undo of all operations including setting/editing markers and project properties changes.
Animated tutorial with extendible lessons.
Swap function for easier sequential morphing.
Link Windows function for easier setting of control points in distortion morphs.
Storing workplace layout in morph project.


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[VERIFIED] - Only $84.15 to own STOIK MorphMan 1



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