AMAZING [Only] $636.65 to have BooknRide (PROFESSIONAL EDITION)

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AMAZING [Only] $636.65 to have BooknRide (PROFESSIONAL EDITION)

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  • Discounted price: $636.65
  • Save: $112.35

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AMAZING [Only] $636.65 to have BooknRide (PROFESSIONAL EDITION) 1


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The taxi business is an engrossing business with bang-up niche contents for determined and enthusiastic individuals. In this technological era, where businesses are mulling over an idea to make it big, the taxi business is no lesser than that.

BooknRide is a trendsetting on demand taxi booking app that will help you get started with your own fleet management business similar to Lyft, Grabtaxi, Uber, Didi, Olacabs and others.BooknRide has been precisely developed with the leading technology working mechanism, which allows you to stimulate your own taxi booking business, which permits customers to request transportation service.


How does On Demand Taxi Booking App Work?

BooknRide is an on-demand transportation app that works on one simple formula. It allows consumers to plainly tap their smartphone and get a cab arrive at the defined location at their fingertips.



It allows the users to book cabs involving all the factors like destination, time of arrival, location details using this incredible android app for the marvelous experience.



BooknRide Driver application simply focuses on it's driver based requirements, is concerned to carry off user details, requests, ride details, navigation details, etc in the most favorable style.



Focus on your consignment tasks to speed up pleasant business outcomes with the most cognizant taxi management service.


Why startups should go with BooknRide?

The taxi business has made life very accessible and has established itself to be a successful business model. It had garnered constructive impression in the eyes of new generation with their incontestable service. Hiring a cab/taxi is just one tap away, this benefit comes rugged with BooknRide.

With the business pervading towards taxi booking business, BooknRide comes with numerous features that will help you start your own taxi booking business. You can make money on your commission, charging the riders on the total fare.

Our blueprint that empowers the app is highly robust and scalable, which makes the customization of the app pretty simple. Let’s connect with us to look into the continuous possibilities to amplify your taxi booking business.

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AMAZING [Only] $636.65 to have BooknRide (PROFESSIONAL EDITION) 1



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